Friday, July 23, 2010

LIONMAG - The Inflight Magazine of LION AIR

Media Profile LIONMAG

Commercial Advertising

Lion Air, a successful fast development national airline, started with only airplane in 2000. Presently, seven years later, the company is opening 45 airplanes with more than 200 flights a day. Lion Air flies to fifty domestic destinations and has three international flight which go to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Saigon and Penang. Lion Air became the airline with the largest amount of domestic passengers in Indonesia.

LIONMAG, a lifestyle and traveling magazine, publishes monthly 30.000 copies that are distributed on all flights of Lion Air and Wings Air. More than 1.500.000,- people – most from middle to high class-read the magazine every month.

Circulations and Distribution

LIONMAG is distributed monthly on all flght of Lion Air
Demography Reader

Gender : Male 65%, Female 35%

Print Run : 30.000 copies

Frequency : Monthly

Readership : B – Up ( middle to high )

Education Level : SLTA 20%, Akademi 30%, Sarjana 50%

Marital Status : Married 73%, Single 27%

Age : 25 – 55 year

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